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About Us

Girl2B Foundation India Trust was registered in Kolkata in 2016. The Trust undertakes developmental activities focused on the girl child and their immediate community. the Founder Trustees are Joy Kar and Sanjeeb Ghosh. Girl2B India currently operates as a support organisation to the partner projects funded by Girl2B USA, namely Hope Kolkata Foundation, PBKOJP, Schools of the World Kolkata. G2B India also supports the education and empowerment of children through sponsorship and distribution of books etc. As part of the Empowerment Program, G2B India has ambitious plans to implement training and skill development initiatives for sustainable earnings for women.

The founder Trustees are Sanjeeb Ghosh and Joy Kar.

The Trust is supported by Secretarial Officer Bulbuli Sinha.

The Advisory Committee comprises of  Rupasree Hajra and Dolan Niyogi. 

G2B India wishes to acknowledge with gratitude, the support and advice of Alfonso and Christine Paradinas, members of Friends of G2B India and Aditya John Mayne for helping us with our social media initiatives. 

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Through the empowerment of education, Girl2B Foundation works to give every young girl a chance to reach her full potential, freeing her from the unfair cycle of poverty, and making her an agent of change.

Our Mission
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Our Vision

A world in which girls enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. Where a girl's education is not a privilege but a daily reality, and where women and girls are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their birthplace.

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Joy Kar



Rohini Hajra

Music Teacher


Sanjeeb Ghosh



Rupasree Hajra

Advisory Committee Member


Bulbuli Sinha

Secretarial Officer


Dolan Niyogi

Advisory Committee Member


Tanusree Bera

Teacher cum Outreach Coordinator


Sabita Ray



Reeti Bagchi

Social Worker cum Education Coordinator

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