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Education Support Units

Russa Road ESU
Majerhat ESU
Anwar Shah ESU

Our coaching center provides daily tuition in English, Math, Science and Bengali to help children reach the educational standards needed to remain in mainstream schooling. Additional classes offered: Computer, Music, Yoga, Counselling and motivational support. We also believe in sports to help keep the body and mind healthy. We offer soccer, swimming, rowing, dance and karate.

Progress of each child is closely monitored monthly, and attendance is very strict (Normally it is the main cause for a student to drop out).

Our contact with the families is constant to ensure the children are getting the support they need at home and are encouraged to do well in school. We host monthly meetings with the parents as well as the child to discuss the child's performance.


Girl2B has been running this program since early 2017.

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Education Support Unit at Russa Road

Education Support Unit at Majerhat

Education Support Unit at Prince Anwar Shah Road 

Empowerment Programme

This program provides higher education professional training support covering all fees in traditional schools and centers. Ultimately ensuring they reach economic independence. Our beneficiaries now work in different sectors and are also encouraged to volunteer at our Education Centres to improve their skills. Fifty girls from our empowerment programme are now earning their own livelihoods.

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Health Awareness
Programme In Majerhat

Majerhat is a marginal slum area in the heart of Kolkata, where more than 1000 families from the 'sweeper' community struggle to make a living, with no access to clean water, no sweage system, exposed to diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis and Dengue. In order to keep the children healthy and able to benefit from our coaching center we needed to implement a much need communicate outreach. We have partnered with PBKOJP, a local NGO to fund a holistic Health program for the community, which includes:

-Prenatal and Postnatal Care

-Awareness campaigns on Malaria, Dengue and TB prevention as well as STDs

-Management and disposal of garbage

-Clean Water

Beneficiaries: 100 families (500 people approx)

Smartick Initiative 

We are proud to have started a collaboration with SMARTICK, an online tutoring application that uses artifical intelligence to adapt to the child's own progress, and eliminates the anxiety of learing Math.

Children have responded with enthusiasm and their interest for math has increased notoriously. Their concentration as well as their reading comprehension has also spiked since the introduction of the app in their daily routines.

SMARTICK has provided Girl2B with 20 free monthly suscriptions, which we are running in our 3 coaching centers (Russa Road, Prince Anwar Shah and Majerhat)


Girl2B Choir

Rohini Hajra, Girl2B's music teacher, holds classes in our education support unit. Our girls who are gifted in their vocal abilities practice and learn with her.